It basically means study of stars / planets vis-à-vis their influence on living & non-living things, based on the principles defined by the Indian rishi’s.

It is a representation of planetary positions in 12 houses at the time of birth.

 Rising sign in the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This is a location specific i.e. it changes with the geographical location.  

It can be done in many ways i.e. North, South, Bengali, Oriya, and Maithili etc. but more prominently  & widely used are only two i.e. north & south Indian.

It consists of group of rashi’s that are placed 360 degrees in the universe / sky / celestial sphere. There are 12 nos rashi’s / signs which basically represents constellation of stars having some definite shape.  

There are total of  27 no’s nakshatras and each sign / rashi consists of 2.25 nos nakshatras. One more nakshatra namely “Abhijeet” also being considered for specific purposes like muhurat   

There are 9 planets namely Sun; Moon; Mars; Mercury; Jupiter; Saturn; Venus; Rahu & Ketu. Out of these, Sun & Moon are considered to be as luminaries & plays an important role in the assessment / analysis of a horoscope.

Yes to a large extent, provided the native must be having accurate birth details that includes date of birth (DOB); time of birth (TOB) as well as place of birth (POB).  Here, word “large extent” has been used which basically means that it is possible to predict the timing of an event precisely with higher accuracy level because ultimately astrology is purely based on probability theory.

Yes because of the simple reasons that like science, it also works on the well-defined principles written by various rishi’s, who, in the earlier times were considered to be the “Scientists”. Infact many centrally funded institutions like BHU; Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University etc. are even offering PhD programs in the areas of Ganit & Phalit Jyotish. Moreover, in the western & other countries like Russia; USA; Canada etc , this field of science has also find its acceptance and many people are practicing & doing research in the different areas of astrology.

Yes because of its various associated benefits like proper planning; leading a disciplined life; shaping the overall personality of an individual; God fearing etc